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Generate insights to make better decisions, improve student outcomes, and engage stakeholders. 

Many schools struggle to monitor student progress between major standardized assessments.   We can build and analyze an assessment aligned to the NYC DOE priority standards to help you identify students’ strengths and weaknesses, and create a starting point for your inquiry process.


Check out our Math Standards Alignment Analysis

Interim Assessments & Analysis

Teacher and Blackboard

Break down performance by school, grade, class, and individual student, with a focus on performance relative to peers.  We highlight key test questions to prompt teacher discussion and analysis.  We support our analysis with hands-on, interactive professional development for teachers and administrators. 


Common state assessments analyzed:

  • New York State Regents Exams


  • Reading Assessments (Degrees of Reading Power, Independent Reading Level Assessments, Foutas & Pinnell, etc).

  • New York State Math and English Language Arts - Grades 3-8

  • New York State Science - Grades 4 & 8

Standardized Assessment Analysis

Library Book Searching

Is your school providing an equitable education to all students? We can help you explore and analyze your school's outcomes - in grades, attendance, discipline, social emotional learning, test scores, or whatever areas are most important to your school.   This analysis can inform critical conversations among teachers and leadership about equity at your school.

Equity Analysis

It’s never been more critical to create a supportive environment and support students’ social emotional learning (SEL). But to address students’ needs and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your learning environment, you need data and insights. We can work with you to create and analyze surveys that can help you get to know your students, uncover insights on your school’s SEL initiatives, guide future programs, and identify students in greatest need.

Supportive Environment Survey Design & Analysis

Young School Students

We can help you deliver personalized outreach to keep students and families informed and engaged about student learning. Deliver information by print or email, with student attendance, learning progress, grades, or any other information - building on the systems you are already using.

Individual Student Reports

Are you seeking the answers to other questions? Spending much too much time wrangling Excel spreadsheets, online platforms, Google Sheets, and Google Forms? We can help. Whatever the task – big or small – let us help you. Contact us to schedule a videoconference or phone call.

Customized Solutions

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