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Stop wasting hours wrangling spreadsheets and start spending time putting your data to work.

Student in Library

Have you relied on a graduation tracker, only to realize there were so many inconsistencies and exceptions that you were forced to review every student's transcript one by one? We can help.

Graduation Requirements Tracker


Tired of flipping between systems to find data on students’ progress? We can bring your disparate data sources together into one, custom built, easy-to-navigate tool so you can see your key student data all in one place.

Data Tracker

Classroom Furnitures

We can build or customize a simple, easy-to-use system for tracking and analyzing students’ attendance in both remote and in-person learning environments. We can help you launch a new system, or streamline your current systems to more easily track, analyze, and prepare attendance data.

Attendance Tracking & Analysis

Are you seeking the answers to other questions? Spending much too much time wrangling Excel spreadsheets, online platforms, Google Sheets, and Google Forms? We can help. Whatever the task – big or small – let us help you. Contact us to schedule a videoconference or phone call.

Customized Solutions

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