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Have you relied on a graduation tracker, only to realize there were so many inconsistencies and exceptions that you were forced to review every student's transcript one by one?


District Public

can help.


Ensure that credits count towards the correct requirements --you control how course codes are interpreted


Track students' progress to graduation accurately and completely


Spot graduation opportunities with side-by-side comparison of diploma options and flags showing eligibility for special rules


Identify common causes of graduation dekats so you can make smart, data-driven programming decisions

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Our solution

Program Design & Analysis

Program design and analysis

Identify programming and scheduling changes that can address common graduation problems. 

Individual Student Reports

Individual student reports

Communicate with students clearly and accurately where they need to focus in order to graduate using our one page report. 

Graduation requirements tracker

Spare yourself the headache of going through every transcript one-by-one by having all of your students' transcript data in one place.  Credit totals exclude courses that a student doesn't need to graduate, so you can be confident you're getting accurate information about how far each student is from graduating.

Grad Requirements Tracker
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Spring audit tool

The spring audit tool allows you to identify students that could be misprogrammed for the Spring semester, based on credit requirements not yet met.  You can select any student and see exactly which credits they had at the end of the last semester, and how many they will at the end of the current semester--making sure you can intervene in time and make sure the student doesn't come up short at the end of their senior year.

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Our process

Our tool is customized specifically to

your school.


Have you coded courses inconsistently in the past? Have a lot of transfer students with difficult-to-decipher transcripts?


We have your back

Our process ensures that information about a student's progress to graduation is completely reliable, accurate, and accounts for all the special cases that affect a student's journey to graduation.


Example 1: An accurate course count reveals unmet credit requirements

Jaimie has almost finished the fall semester of his 12th grade year - a critical moment in his high school career. He has 6 credits of math on his transcript. Most graduation trackers would show that he’s completed the math requirements, but he hasn't!

​A closer look at his transcript shows that 5 of those credits are from Algebra I, but NYSED regulations say that no more than 4 credits aligned to any one math or science Regents exam can be included in the 44 credits required to graduate. 

Jaimie can’t use one of his Algebra I credits, so he is 1 credit short on the math requirements.  This might not be discovered until his guidance counselor reviews his transcript in the spring - by that time it will be too late for Jaimie to graduate with his classmates!

The District Public Requirements Tracker automatically excludes unuseable credits, so it will accurately show that Jaimie has only 5 math credits.  Instead of needing to review every individual transcript, you can get a fully accurate credit count for all your students at once.

Example 2: Uncovering opportunities to stretch students

Lizette is in the fall of her 12th grade year and is well on track for graduation.  Even though she failed the Algebra II exam, with the Algebra I, ELA, Global History, US History, Living Environment, and Geometry exams under her belt, she’s finished her exam requirements and is close to finishing her credit requirements too.  She's cruising into her spring semester with no Regents exams scheduled for the first time since she started high school.


Unfortunately, no one told her that all she had to do was pass one more math exam and one physical science exam to earn an Advanced diploma and raise her stock with some of the competitive colleges she applied to.  Taking chemistry her senior year, completing a Spanish sequence, and trying again on the Algebra II exam would have given her a great chance at the advanced diploma - if only her guidance counselor had noticed.

​It’s easy to overlook students like Lizette, who are neither your highest achievers, nor the students you’re worried will not graduate. 

The District Public Requirements Tracker shows where students stand on all diploma options, so you can easily identify the students who are within reach of the advanced diploma and make sure that their senior schedule gives them the opportunity to complete those requirements.

Example 3: Accounting for inconsistent course coding yields accurate numbers you can trust

Last year your science department developed a new forensics course aligned to the Physical Setting learning standards, but you coded the course as forensics (SFS21 and 22), not realizing that this code is understood as general science only in DOE systems. 

You’ve got the curriculum documentation to prove that students can use the course for the physical science requirement, but now the DOE system can’t tell you which students are still missing physical science credits.  Does the system say a student has no physical science because it’s overlooking their forensics credits, or because they failed the forensics class?  You have to check each student’s transcript individually to know.

The ability to specify what graduation requirements a course can satisfy, independent of its course code, is built into the District Public Requirements Tracker.  We work with schools to ensure that our tool interprets all your courses correctly, even if you used several different codes for the same course in different years. 

As a result, you can be confident that the credit totals shown in the Tracker are real – if it says that a student is still missing their physical science credits, it’s because they really are.  The Tracker gives you an efficient, reliable way to check the status of individual students, as well as to survey the course needs of all your students together.


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