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Assessment Analysis

Help New York School Leaders, Teachers, and Administrators build a data-informed culture at their schools.

This means getting a better handle on your data to improve instruction, communicate with stakeholders, make better decisions, and meet accountability goals, all while saving your most precious resource -- your time.  

In-House Data Analysis
Decision-Making Support
Professional Development
Stakeholder Engagement

Assessment Analysis

Break down performance by school, grade, class, and individual student; with a focus on performance relative to peers.  We highlight key test questions to prompt teacher discussion and analysis.  We support our analysis with hands-on, interactive professional development for teachers and administrators. 


Common state assessments analyzed:

  • New York State Math and English Language Arts - Grades 3-8

  • New York State Science - Grades 4 & 8

  • New York State Regents Exams


  • Reading Assessments (Degrees of Reading Power, Independent Reading Level Assessments, Foutas & Pinnell, etc).

  • Interim Assessments (in-house, iReady, Ready, etc.)

Check out our sample analyses

In-House Data Analysis

We help you collect and analyze your own data - from interim assessments, internal surveys, and any other source of data unique to your school.

  • Data collection and analysis strategy

  • Customized data templates

Decision-Making Support

Get a clear picture of what you need to reach your accountability goals. Use your data to guide managerial decisions.  Get the most out of qualitative data and non-traditional data sources.

  • ESSA analysis

  • Attendance analysis

  • School Survey analysis

  • MOTP analysis

Professional Development

Let us facilitate your data inquiry meetings with real data on your students. Improve your own and your staff's data inquiry skills. Learn tips and tricks for running your own analyses. 

  • Data inquiry facilitation​ for content, grade, or leadership teams

  • Excel skills tutorials

Stakeholder Engagement

Put yourself and your school's best foot forward. Positively engage parents, teachers, students, and administrators with data-rich content. Sharpen your communications strategy.


Our services include:

  • Outreach strategy advice and facilitation

  • Quality review and principal observation preparation

  • School fair preparation

  • Grant and partnership proposal advice

  • Individual student reports

  • Guidance on collateral development

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